VTO Richmond 2013

VTO Richmond 2013 Group Photo
Joe Wilson AvatarHere’s a picture of me sitting centered with the bright yellow socks at the VTO event that was held in Richmond on April 21st, 2013.  This event was a bin disappointment. First of all, I gave up going to the NFTC event in Washington, DC, (a 20-minute drive from my house) to go to the VTO event in Richmond only to leave there disappointed. VTO changed the date of the event to the same day as the NFTC Washington, DC event.  They changed the date just days before the NFTC event.  I chose VTO Richmond over NFTC  DC for two reasons. First, I wanted some Rivals exposure. I heard that VTO was pretty connected to Rivals.  Prior to the event, Rivals had not given me a rating nor had they posted a picture of me. I felt that if I went to the VTO event, I would at least get a picture up on Rivals. Secondly, the VTO website gave me the impression that the event was a combine. I was looking forward to going to Richmond and post some respectable 40 and pro-shuttle times. Well, I came away disappointed on both accounts. There was no combine at the VTO Richmond event and Rivals still hasn’t posted a picture of me.